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Stop Sleeves

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Stop Sleeves (In Aluminum, Copper and Zinc Plated Copper)

Stop sleeves, sometimes referred to as wire rope crimps or button stops, are wire rope accessories that are used to enclose the ends of wire rope and cable for various rigging needs. A wire rope stop sleeve is capable of being placed anywhere on the steel cable but is predominantly used at the ends to save the wire rope from wearing out. Our stop sleeves come in aluminum, copper and zinc plated and are rigging hardware that meet the needs of various industries. Stop sleeves, or commonly known as steel cable crimps, can serve as a ball swage in outhauls and will meet the demand of any application using wire rope, cable or fiber rope to construct rigging, engine, or other marine cable functions.

We offer our wire rope sleeves in a wide variety of sizes and metals including: aluminum stop sleeves, copper stop sleeves and zinc plated copper stop sleeves ranging from 1/32" to 3/8".


 Warning Warning:  The use of aluminum duplex and stop sleeves with stainless steel wire is not recommended as this will cause electrolysis and corrosion.  We recommend using copper, zinc plated copper, tin plated copper or stainless steel sleeves with stainless steel wire.